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'Know Pain Know Gain'


When it comes to pain, trainers and performers must think outside the box

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Did you know achieving peak performance is often dependent on a definitive shift in mindset?

Achieving such a breakthrough will be explored by sports physiotherapist and co-founder of NY Sports Medicine, Luke Bongiorno, at our Master Sessions Less Pain Better Performance event in November.

Based in New York City, Luke is a consultant with the NBA League and works with elite athletes in basketball, tennis, soccer and more, and therefore has extensive experience coaching clients to think differently about their bodies as part of training or recovery.

Luke said: “I once asked an athlete to guess the percentage body mass of his aching knee. He reckoned around 5% and yet, when I probed further about how often he thought about his knee, he confirmed 100% of the time. I suggested this wasn’t fair on the rest of his body, and we began working on moving attention elsewhere. The goal is for them to better understand the body-mind connection, and to think outside the box.”

Less Pain Better Performance is a four-day online program aimed at anyone training others to achieve their personal best.

During Luke’s session, he will relate further stories from his 26-year career as a clinician in the USA, after which attendees will…

  • Appreciate the importance of the trainer-performer dynamic in achieving peak performance and career goals: they need to know you care before they care what you know.
  • Know the best techniques and strategies to use when challenging performers about attitudes and assumptions that may be hampering their understanding and, in turn, their performance.
  • Recognise the unique stresses and pressures under which many athletes and performers operate, together with how to adapt the clinical approach accordingly.

About Luke:

Luke has extensive experience in the management of acute and chronic pain and  sports injuries and is affiliated in the clinical education programs of Columbia University and Touro College. Luke also treats professional and Olympic athletes as well as touring performing arts/dance company members. He currently serves as a consultant with the NBA League as well as European soccer professional teams.

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